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As the world lean towards the fourth industrial revolution, digitization and automation is leading the way people does things and how business transactions are carried out.

This odds reality is handled by variety of software through computers, making the demand for different software products to address the needs of business on the raise.

This continues growth has make it imperative for the needs of managing this digital products to meet the needs and interest of client who uses the software product as services in their day to day business activities.

"Product Management exactly means developing right product for right users and shipping it at the right time".
- Shehu, COE Hikmahtech


Different brands (companies) have built different products some are identical and competition can’t be alienated while meeting the desires and retaining the interest of users with appropriate return on investment (ROI), achieving required business needs can’t be achieved by just having the best set of software developers to code, the interest of the users or clients’ needs to be taken along, this is exactly what product management is.

Product management is not an events but a process of managing the affairs of a product from planning or ideation, designing, development and deployment to meets the needs of business and clients.

The product management process doesn’t stop at deploying the products it is a continues process often Managed by a product manager to keep track of the production development and usage by the clients whose uses the product through using metrics gathered from tracking data to determine the features to be retain or adjust, new features that could aides clients retention and new market penetrations.

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